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President's Message

Fall 2012

Dear Friends and Members of the Celtic Learning Project,

This year has been very quiet for the C.L.P. (compared to other years) For the first year (that I can recall) the C.L.P. did NOT march in the New Haven Saint Patrick's Day Parade, mostly due to lack of members to march. but, we did have a nice party at George/Jaji's Place with good food and song (and Guinness too!). It was too busy for everyone to get together for a meeting this year too. I have put the C.L.P. in a low activity mode and anyone that didn't send in their renewal form remains a member for 2012 A.D. The New Haven P.O. box is closed and mail is now being sent to my house. Please renew/join for 2013 A.D. and become a part of the Celtic Learning Project! Celtic legend is full of heroes who made the difference by their actions. We need your action to make a difference today. Let's get more involved this coming year; I would like to do the parade this year and have a meeting soon. Thank you!

Your most humble and obedient servant,

~Sir Frederick William-Francis Rivard Dit LaVigne~ C.L.P. President