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There are many great sites on the World Wide Web but trying to actually find those great sites can sometimes be a frustrating experience. We have compiled a list of Websites that we have found to be helpful resources of information. These links will take you off of the Celtic Learning Project's website and onto other independent sites (see our disclaimer).
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Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe


Barbarians on the Greek Periphery?

Celtic Art and Cultures

The Celtic Coin Index

Celtic Studies Bibliography

Celtic Tribes of Britain

Encyclopedia of the Celts

Gaulish Glossary

Harvard Celtic Colloquium

Iron Age Tasks

Moessbauer Study of Coin Moulds

Origin of the Celts

Reconstructing an Iron Age Roundhouse

To Build A Crannog

Tracing Celtic Civilisation with Neutrons

The Ulster Cycle

Wetwang Chariot

The Wetwang Chariot Burial

World of the Celts

Links to Organizations | top |

Les Ambiani (French)

Aremorica (French)

The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums (A.L.H.F.A.M.)



Brigantes Nation


Butser Ancient Farm



JetWriters Custom Writing Services

Castell Henllys


Coracle Society


The Craggaunowen Project


The Heuneburg Museum

Keltenmuseum Hochdorf (German)

Der Salzherr von Hallstatt (German)

Scottish Crannog Centre

Taranis (German)

Links to Merchants | top |

Acair (Scots Gaelic Books)

Litriocht.com (Irish Gaelic Books)

Wulflund (Maker of Celtic Reproductions and Other Goods)

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