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About The Celtic Learning Project

The Celtic Learning Project exists to bring the civilization of the ancient Celts to a broad audience.

What does Celtic mean?

The Celts (pronounced with a hard "C", unlike the basketball team) are a people who dominated much of Europe from approximately 900 to 50 BCE (Before Common Era) and survive today in the far west of Europe.
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Is the Celtic Learning Project a re-enactment group?

Not exactly. The Celtic Learning Project is an educational organization. It educates through literature, presentations, storytelling, and performances based on historical research. The Celtic Learning Project engages in re-enactment at times, but only as a means to the end of educating the public about the ancient Celtic world. Our Main Centuries that we portray are: Ireland 700 B.C. to 500 B.C., Gaul 58 B.C. to 51 B.C., Britin 78 A.D. to 84 A.D.




The End!


2013 A.D. will be the The Celtic Learning Project's last year After 13 years of educational efforts many of our members have moved on or taken on responsibilities elsewhere.   We will keep the Celtic Library with a C.L.P. Archive.

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